Functional Innovations with our EKB Kitchen Designers, Essex

Not only do our team of Kitchen Designers, Essex worries about the aesthetics when we are designing a new kitchen but we also concentrate on the functionality. There are so many products that sometimes get overlooked. That’s why here at Essex Kitchens & Bedrooms we always make sure we inform our customers about the latest innovations and time-saving options available. Read on to learn more about some of the items we recommend to our customers.


This delivers instant boiling water--ideal for making tea, coffee, blanching vegetables and preparing baby formula etc. Available in eight tap designs and three finishes to suit most styles of kitchens, the Quooker is extremely energy efficient. The sleek tank doesn’t take up too much space as it is fitted under the countertop in a cupboard and can be seen in the Essex Kitchens & Bedrooms showroom. Quooker has now introduced a new hot water tap with a pull-out hose for hot, cold and filtered water.


How many times have you struggled to squeeze a few extra bottles of wine into your fridge when you are entertaining? This is probably too many times to remember. Wine coolers are the answer to your problem. Not only do they free up your fridge space, but they also store wine at the perfect temperature. Even if your kitchen is not big; there are slim models available which are capable of storing up to 6 bottles or larger models that can hold up to 36 bottles. The temperature zones store white, sparkling and red wine perfectly with humidity controls to prevent corks from drying out. Our showroom in Wickham Bishops has a working one on display.


These are a great way of getting rid of smelly; leftover food and they’re capable of even grinding down chicken bones. Simply scrape your plates directly into the sink, run the tap and switch on. Because there are no blades, they are perfectly safe and are now a lot quieter than older models. Disposing of food this way is much more environmentally friendly than throwing the food away. Your local water treatment centre will separate food waste from the water supply and use it for fertiliser rather than filling landfill sites.


A pot filler is an unexpected kitchen feature that can go anywhere you can run the cold water too. The tap is wall mounted high enough to clear a large pot and can even be mounted directly over a stove. It folds back when not in use. No more trying to carry heavy water-filled pots across your kitchen.


Clever recycle solutions can be incorporated within any Essex kitchen design. They can look like a cupboard from the outside but open to reveal individual bins which separate glass; paper and plastics. They are available in a large variety of dimensions and styles. Individual bins can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.


Here at our Essex Kitchen Showroom, we are seeing an increase in the number of people that now choose to have large pan drawers instead of cupboards incorporated into their kitchen designs. Drawers provide easy access as there is no crouching down trying to look at the back of your cupboard for an item. They are available in lots of configurations (2; 3 and 4 drawer packs) as well as being available in various widths. The deep drawers are perfect for stowing away large pots; pans; tableware and groceries. Drawer dividers will help keep plates and bowls neatly stacked. It’s much easier and safer to store dishes in lower draws rather than reaching up to high wall units.


Pull out larders come in various sizes and are perfect for narrow spaces. They provide a practical solution and optimise storage and accessibility. Perfect for storing all your groceries, especially tall cereal boxes, jars and bottles. There are different sizes on display at our Essex Kitchen Showroom.


Having an extra sink in your kitchen is a luxury but, if you have space on your island, it’s ideal for when you are preparing salads and vegetables. No need to have to transfer your food from the preparation area to the main sink. Another great use for an island sink is to fill it with ice when you are entertaining and use it as an ice bucket or to keep seafood cold.


Warming drawers are not just used for warming up your plates; they can keep food hot for up to 5 hours without drying it out. They are great for when you have several dishes that need to be served at the same time or keeping a desert hot while you finish off your main course. You can even slow roast joints of meat; simply rub the meat with seasoning and place in the warming drawer for up to 6 hours; perfect for a slow roast leg of lamb.


As we are all spending more time in our kitchen, getting the lighting right is essential. Plinth lighting will set your kitchen apart and is great for setting the mood and is available in different shades ranging from cool to warm white. LED strip lighting can be fitted between the work surface and the units on an island, creating a floating effect. Placing spotlights under kitchen units will not only provide extra light onto your worktop but will also create ambient lighting when entertaining.

Finally, these are just a few of the functional innovations that can be used in your bespoke kitchens in Essex to make your entire cooking and dining experience a delight. So for more information or advice on your kitchen Design, Essex, call our team today on 01621 893491 or visit our kitchen showroom Essex for an informal chat.

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