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Bespoke Kitchens in Essex: How to Achieve The ‘Coastal Look’

Even if you live far from the sea, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a coastal themed home. To achieve a modern maritime style, interior designers are mixing pieces of beautifully weathered materials into the home’s décor while keeping a muted; faded colour palette representing the shoreline. Inspired by the Hamptons; a summer destination for…
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At the moment, grey seems to be the most fashionable paint colour. A very versatile and flattering colour that is available in many shades; from the slightest touch to nearly black, our interior designers at Essex Kitchens and Bedrooms can understand why grey is so popular. After all, grey is perfect for creating a colour…
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Here at Essex Kitchens & Bedrooms we love decorating our kitchens at Christmas. It adds a lovely atmosphere to your home, as we know everyone gathers in the kitchen during the festive time; it’s a time for family, friends and scrumptious food. Don’t think you have to stick to traditional colours especially if you have…
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Kitchen Layouts with our EKB Kitchen Designers, Essex

So much has changed in the way we design and use our kitchens. At Essex Kitchens & Bedrooms our kitchen designer, Essex is here to help you achieve the perfect layout for your kitchen--no matter the size or shape. We appreciate that when it comes to planning a new kitchen, there is a lot to…
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Functional Innovations with our EKB Kitchen Designers, Essex

Not only do our team of Kitchen Designers, Essex worries about the aesthetics when we are designing a new kitchen but we also concentrate on the functionality. There are so many products that sometimes get overlooked. That’s why here at Essex Kitchens & Bedrooms we always make sure we inform our customers about the latest…
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Innovative Appliances to Compliment Your Essex Kitchen Design

You don’t necessarily need a large kitchen to accommodate a big family. A good designer will help you maximise space in a galley or smaller kitchen space. We are noticing that a lot of our customers are remodelling their existing homes to create the space they require without the upheaval of moving home. There is…
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